Bay Area Photo Scanning Service With Shoebox Pricing

Touching Memories provides San Jose and the Bay Area with professional bulk photo scanning services with affordable shoebox pricing. Volume pricing for bulk photo scanning as low as 15 cents a scan is available. Your photos never leave our studio and turn around is quick. View our bulk scanning price list

Bulk Slide Scanning Service  

Ask us about our bulk pricing for slide scanning. We use dedicated film scanners with Digital ICE to scan your 35 mm and medium format 120/220 slides and film.

The price is right and the time is now to get those old shoe boxes of photos and carousels of slides dusted off and scanned for future generations.

Contact us about our affordable bulk scanning rates for photos and slides at 530-876-4175 or fill in the form below and we'll get back to you as soon as possible. Thanks!


Ask us about making photo enlargements from your prints, slides and negatives. We use our skills in photo restoration to provide you with superior photo enlargements and our enlargements are printed on museum grade archival photographic paper.




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